Why do Software Engineers Make So Much?

Why do Software Engineers Make So Much

If you take the time to look at how much a software engineer may possibly make, you would be astonished. Most manage salaries in the six figures easily!

The answer to why this is, is quite simple. The high wages of software engineers are due to the fact that their services are in extremely high demand by nearly everyone.

In the internet age, it seems that software engineers are a prized commodity. Read on the learn more about why they make so much,

Software Engineers: Always in Demand

A Recap on Software Engineers

Falling under the umbrella of computer science, as the name implies, software engineering encompasses the creating of applications and software.

Not only this but they are responsible for the development of computer systems, including operating systems and other computer programs.

In a world where everyone is using smartphones and computers, this means that software engineers are the ones behind the scenes creating these everyday commodities.

The origins of software engineering can be traced back to as early as the 1960’s.

Through the years, software engineering as a profession has evolved and adapted to whatever the needs of the time may be.

In our modern-day, with the advent of smartphones, the demand for software engineers has skyrocketed.

Though even in the past, software engineers were sought after by companies utilizing computers, seeing as these people would be the ones creating and developing the programs their systems would use.

As personal computers became more commonplace, the demand for software engineers grew as well.

Companies needed experienced individuals to develop software for consumption and use by the general populace.

Because of this evolution of technology as a whole, software engineers have been able to enter into the world and remain relevant ever since their inception.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a world without millions of apps in the app store, or the plethora of websites available to us via the internet.

All of these products are available to us thanks to software engineers.

So Why do They Make so Much?

As we stated earlier, the products and services that software engineers provide are consumed on a daily business by billions of people around the world.

Indeed, a world without software engineers would be a much different place than the one it is now.

It may seem like an anomaly, but software engineers have seen a steady increase in the number of people who are taking up this profession.

In spite of this, the salaries that are paid out to such individuals is remaining quite high.

Because of our reliance on individuals with the expertise and set of skills that software engineers possess, the amount that they are expected to be paid is, understandably, through the roof.

Corporations and large companies are willing to go to extreme lengths and pay absurd amounts of money in order to attain software that will benefit the company down the line.

These large corporations are willing to pay immense sums to software engineers because these are the only individuals who are able to supply this demand.

Most of these big companies only hire very highly experienced and skilled software engineers to produce the software they need, but even inexperienced and sub-par SEs make big amounts.

But besides software engineers making so much due to the company that they may work for, the biggest factor in why they make so much is actually us.

Yes, us everyday people are the reason why software engineers are in such high demand and make such enormous salaries.

As it was said earlier, we are living in an age where nearly every person on earth has a cellphone and access to the internet.

From Facebook to YouTube to Pinterest, every single one of these websites has employed software engineers in some way.

Software engineers are the ones behind the scenes, creating and developing the apps that we use on a daily basis.

If people would stop consuming the product that is provided by software engineers, then their salaries would most definitely drop down to more reasonable numbers.

But it seems that we are past the point of no return when it comes to technology, and skilled, competent software engineers will just keep making more and more money in the days to come.

Not only that, but due to the evolution of technology and the constant need for people to develop and maintain programs for them, this profession may actually see an increase in wages.

What is it They do, Anyway?

Software engineers use math and computer science principles so that they can create and develop software and programs for computers and other technology.

They are involved in almost everything that has to do with our everyday devices such as cellphones and game systems.

Video games and operating systems are just two of the things that software engineers are involved in developing. 

This is not an easy job in any sense. Software engineers are expected to be experts in their knowledge of current and past hardware so that they may effectively develop for it.

Aside from hardware expertise, they will have to have a strong grasp on how computer systems and software work and be able to effectively create these on their own.

Due to their job requiring them to work with clients, communication skills and the ability to properly work to fit a client are also highly valued and needed skills for the profession.

Unlike other jobs that may only be around for the beginning or end stages of a project, software engineers are also expected to be there from the start to the end, often leading others throughout the process.

It goes without saying that software engineers need to be independent, but still be able to work well within a team.

They must be able to solve problems on their own, being able to figure out and solve issues without outside input.

Software engineers also need to be able to analyze and review their work in order to optimize it for use.

Applications engineers are the ones that craft and develop apps and software that are used by consumers. These are the ones that make apps such as YouTube and Reddit.

Meanwhile, systems engineers are the ones responsible for handling computer systems themselves and maintaining them.

They not only maintain and set up networks using this, but they will also suggest a technical direction to the company or individual they are working for or with.

Nowadays, most well-paid software engineers are working for big companies that have them producing software and programs. Facebook and Google both have many skilled, high paid software engineers.

But even small apps that you may see on the app store have a software engineer behind them.

Yes, in this day and age software engineers may be commonplace, and yet still in high demand and paid extremely well.


Software engineers make such ridiculous sums all because the service which they provide is consumed by nearly every human being on earth on a daily basis.

Although their job is quite common, and the number of software engineers increases with each passing year, the demand for them does not seem to be dropping anytime for a long time to come.

As long as we use our cellphones and play our video games software engineers will continue to get paid large sums. Because without them we would not be able to enjoy these commodities.

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