How To Become A Security Software Developer?

Still indecisive about which career path to choose? Do you fancy technicalities like security software and its development? If the answer to that question is yes, then you may be a top match for a security software developer.

It’s still not late if you wish to pursue a career as a security software developer. You can always get a hold of a bachelor’s degree in this field to excel in it. Especially if computers and technology intrigue you.

Before we jump to the details of how to become a security software developer, let’s establish an understanding of the concept.

Who Is A Security Software Developer?


Security software development is a field where you design and generate the latest security technologies. Moreover, you also have to make changes to pre-existing programs or applications. In addition to that, you incorporate security protocols by changing them into pre-existing programs or software applications.

To be more precise, these professionals control and standardize a software program’s complete life-cycle. These security software developers either function independently or often work as a part of a collaborated team. Your expertise will determine the entire building process of the application.

You will be able to comprehend the complexities of the latest technology thoroughly. In addition to that, you need to implement, testing, design, and the needs of an organization. These individuals are also responsible for carrying out updates in order to maintain standards of efficacy and the safety of the software.

Security software developers provide services to a wide range of businesses. It includes sectors like public businesses, private entities, non-profit organizations, and, most of all, government agencies. They produce security software development programs by using concepts of knowledge, technicality, and cybersecurity.

As cybersecurity leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture and you need the business to take place and be part of that security culture.

As per statistics, provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the United States, security software developers cater to specialized industries like finance, designing of computer systems, and software publishing.

Now that we have well understood who security software developers are let’s move on and learn about their performance and task duties.

How Do Security Software Developers Work?


Security software developers are qualified to design and manufacture applications or software programs that are not only safe but efficient. They tend to regularly introduce updated security measures as they manage existing programs and applications.

By possessing extensive knowledge and expertise in software designs, programming languages, and IT security, they ensure to create a protective system for technological data and its analysis. Additionally, they also detect any potential witnesses hacking into it.

To begin with, these software security developers examine the vulnerability of a program and test those applications according to the needs of the user. Additionally, you will have to work on developing new systems or tools for its protection.

Being a security software developer, you will be accountable for analyzing the designs and implementation of the software. This is essential in order to determine any possibly existing security threats or problems. It is crucial for you to critically analyze the software through every part of its creation.

However, they maintain a document that includes all data required for its maintenance, upgrading, required changes, and its functioning. Alongside, creating and maintaining all security measures for the organization that you would be working for.

Job duties

  • To produce systems and tools for security software as a team
  • To create engineered designs for the latest solutions of a software
  • So as a leader to initiate the designing, testing, and implementation of the software
  • Formulate a well-strategized security system for a software
  • The operation, testing, and application will be required the latest techniques of software security
  • Conduct official meetings in order to meet and understand the needs of the client
  • Being an active participant throughout the development of the life-cycle of a software system
  • Creation and designing of prototype solutions
  • Have information about vector attacking which is used to exploit a software
  • Conduct proper testing for the security of the weaknesses of the sofa
  • Resort to the assistance of team members to ensure the execution of a secured program
  • Explore, examine and recognize deficiencies
  • Provide a solution for developmental floors
  • Resolve the ongoing debug and troubleshoot problems
  • Record and maintain documentation for technicalities


You need to have a perceptible personality for this career path. Your personality traits may require being energetic, optimistic, ambitious, confident, and assertive, and show excellent standards of enthusiasm.

At times, you need to exhibit inherent leadership qualities while motivating and persuading your fellow team members. In addition to that, you require attributes of creativity, articulation, intuition while being expressive and sensitive towards all dealings.
So, what do you feel? Does this sound similar to who you are?

Work Environment

Opting for a security software developer, you will need to work for business institutes, non-profit organizations, and something as serious as government agencies. Your work environment will include a relaxed and comfortable surrounding.

This position will serve as a quite stressful task since it would require you to dedicate long hours and meet strict deadlines.

In order to opt for the security software developer position, you will need an undergraduate degree. This degree should be in the field of software engineering or computer science. You must possess the highest level of knowledge regarding information technology, networking, computer systems, and programming languages.

So, if you are a science student wishing to pursue a career soon, you might want to consider this position as an alternative.

If you aspire to become a security software developer, then you can also opt to become a general software developer to enter this field. As a security software developer, you have to actively participate throughout the developmental process.

As a software developer of an entry-level position, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and testing the software. In this position, you will be accountable for all the requirements, security issues, and needs of the user at every developmental stage of the software.

Being a software developer, you will have to work with coders. While many a time, you will find yourselves in writing these computer codes, all on your own. You need to collaborate with these codes and test the vulnerabilities of their design modules.

Once the software programming is completed, it can then be altered and updated. All applications are processed under standards of safety and efficiency.

Once you gain experience of five years working as a general software developer, you can receive a promotion. To be more precise, you will then be eligible to take over the mid-levels of the security software developer.


Your main task will be to focus on developing the latest tools with office security. Many times, you may have to make changes in the existing system. To maintain efficacy, you need to follow the standardized policies of the organization and pitch in the latest knowledge for the design.

The challenging task is to develop schemes to maintain the integrity of the software’s data for execution. A good understanding and knowledge of malware, virus, detection of intruders, and spyware is a must.

Once the positioning establishes, you will be monitoring it. In order to enhance your performance, you should take proper training sessions. Training manual sessions shall be in a group or occur individually; both mediums can be offered for your clients and consumers.

The training would include a guide on how to use the security software, provide upgrading and testing on-site and writing program, and application manuals.


As a security software developer, you should understand all the life-cycle stages of the software program and its applications. Alongside Coding and programming languages, you would also need to possess experience in C++, Java, and Python.

In addition to these, you would also be required to have a knowledge of database languages for comparison and SQL. In order to have a standardized security system, you should master management and testing skills alongside preparation and hacking.

As a security software developer, you will be inclined towards using operating systems like Windows, cloud computing technologies, Linux, and UNIX. In order to encrypt and authenticate data communication, you would need to follow a certain Internet security protocol.

In order to excel in your field, you should have remarkably strong written as well as verbal communication skills. This is essential since you are often dependent on conveying information to coders, software programmers, and at times even engineers.

Certain situations may put you in a position to interact with clients, as you recognize and understand security needs while explaining non-technological ideas and concepts to them.

During your journey, you have to exhibit exceptional problem-solving and analytical skills. These attributes will help you determine the function, cost, and technology for the existing security system.

In order to make your protocols more innovative, you need to use the best possible outcomes as per your research and knowledge. Given that you will be testing the vulnerabilities of the software, you may encounter tasks that include:

  • Adhering to different tools for security
  • Rewriting codes
  • Updating pre-existing security systems

Since your job requires great input, you will have to undergo an extensive amount of pressure while dealing with security threats and deadlines.


To have the edge over others, you would want to get a hold of the following certifications:

  • GSSP-Java: GIAC Secure Software Programmer
  • CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • CES: Certified Encryption Specialist
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CSSLP: Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional

Apart from your college degree, you will also receive certification from the industry as per your skills and knowledge. The Global Information Assurance Certification offers certificates in the following sectors:

  • Advanced warnings
  • Critical authority
  • Security prerequisites

Salary Scope


News flash: Security software developers have a pay scale of more than $75,000 per annum. This clearly means that you are ready to enjoy a good life.

Back in 2018, the BLS project implemented a 12% growth factor for all employees in the IT and computer sectors. The scheme will last until the year 2028. This means better salary options for you in the following years.

In fact, estimations conclude that security software developers may receive a 21% salary increase during the above-mentioned time period. As per statistics provided by the BLS, calculations exhibit that: “Given the average pay scale, security software developers have earned more than $106,000 per annum in the year 2018.”

There is quite more to add too. Research has shown that the software developer profession could provide endless benefits from all possible trends. Enlisted below are the software development industries:

  • Information technology services
  • Designing for computer systems
  • Publishing for software

The following fields provide the highest-paying salaries for Software Developer:

  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Computers
  • Equipment manufacturing

Texas and California hold the biggest population of software developers. In fact, California is popular for offering the highest annual salaries to software developers.

Besides, Washington has been offering top-notch salary packages for security software developers. Subsequently, San Francisco and San Jose are amongst the top two states for accommodating security software developers.

To top it off, Seattle is amongst the third-highest paying states under metropolitan areas for software developers.

The Final Verdict

Becoming a security software developer seems like a difficult task to achieve, although, your determination can help you achieve wonders. With the right set of skills and certifications, you will be able to fit this position. For beginners, start off with a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s one.

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