The Best CISSP Podcasts & Audiobooks of 2021

I’m a big fan of listening to podcasts and audiobooks, they are an excellent way of passively learning new topics while doing other things.  

I personally like to listen to them at 1.5 x speed to make sure I can get through everything quickly.  Once you’ve done this for a while it’s difficult to go back to listening to anything at normal speed, it feels so slow.

When I was studying for the CISSP I listened to several Podcasts and audiobooks to supplement my dedicated study time.  This meant I could be at the gym or on my way to work while still learning for this tough exam.

Below you’ll find a number of CISSP Podcast and audiobook recommendations I’ve put together based on my own experiences as well as based on reader recommendations.   

The Top CISSP Podcasts & Audiobooks of 2020

Kelly Handerhan’s CISSP Course MP3s

Kelly Handerhan’s CISSP course over at is a free video course that covers the CISSP comprehensively, and I would thoroughly recommend watching the series.  Once you’ve done that, you can download the audio MP3s completely for free. 

You won’t lose much by listening to the course over watching it, and the content is top-notch, covering the CISSP domains in an easy to understand and in-depth manner.  

It’s better than many paid audiobooks, so definitely worth a download. 

Shon Harris’s MP3 Files

Shon Harris’s MP3 files are in a similar vein to the Kelly Handerhan’s series.  I personally don’t have any experience with the Shon Harris version, but by all accounts, it’s been well received.

The main drawback is that it’s difficult to track down and find a legitimate copy.

Simple CISSP – Phil Martin

The Simple CISSP audiobook by Phil Martin is the same as the book version, and it’s read by the author, so you know the information is being communicated correctly.  

I used this in conjunction with the Kelly Handerhan MP3’s to study for my CISSP.  With playback at 1.5x speed, I was able to get through it in under a week.

Phil does a great job of communicating complex subjects and the important information is highlighted so you know what you’re likely to get tested on.  

CISSP Training – CyberSecStudy

This podcast is a series of 28 episodes each of which come in at roughly the 10-minute mark, so it’s easy to go through them all in an afternoon.

It’s not as in-depth as the other options I’ve listed above, but it’s dead easy to listen to an episode when you have a few minutes to spare.

Reduce Cyber Risk Podcast – Shon Gerber

Shon Gerber has over 90 episodes published, with approximately 80% touching on the CISSP or covering topics related to the CISSP. 

Episodes vary between 5 and 30 mins making it easy to dip in and out of.

My only criticism is that I wouldn’t rely on it to cover every topic related to the CISSP.  It’s not formatted in such a way to cover the CISSP thoroughly. 

Other Cybersecurity Podcasts

The rest of the podcasts on the list are not necessarily focused on the CISSP, but they are an excellent source of information for anyone looking to keep current with the latest cybersecurity news.  

The Social-Engineer Podcast

This monthly podcast covers a range of topics and guest speakers.  

Episodes can cover anything, and everything related to cybersecurity, and not just social engineering.  Each episode averages an hour in length, allowing for the month’s topic to be covered in great detail.

This is one podcast I can thoroughly recommend. 

The Cyberwire Podcasts

Cyberwire offer a range of podcasts covering everything from threat intelligence and research through to interviews and management decisions.

If you’re interested in cybersecurity, then you need to take a look at the podcast offerings from Cyberwire. 

Security Weekly Podcasts

Paul brings you a new podcast episode every few days covering all the latest cybersecurity news.  

SANS Daily Information Security Podcast (“StormCast”)

If you want to keep up to the very latest security news, then the SANS Stormcast is a must-listen.

New episodes are out every day and cover the very latest in cybersecurity news.  Episodes only last a few minutes so there no reason not to subscribe. 

Other Audio Options


There are a ton of resources on Youtube that provide some really good information on the CISSP.  The downside is that Youtube needs to remain in focus when listening on a phone, which means your phone needs to remain unlocked.  

You can get around this restriction in a couple of different ways.

  1. Subscribe to Youtube premium.
  2. Use a browser such as Firefox to open Youtube. 

Both will allow you to play Youtube videos while your phone is locked or if you shift focus from the video itself.

Record Yourself

If you’re planning on reading one of the many CISSP study guides that are available, then consider reading it out loud and recording yourself as you do it.

I’m not a fan of my own voice, which seems to be a common theme, so this might be more off-putting than beneficial. 

Final Thoughts

CISSP podcasts or audiobooks are immensely helpful when studying for the CISSP.  The more time you can spend time studying, whether passively or actively, can only benefit you in the long term.  

There are multiple options out there, so you’re bound to find something that works for you.  Try and avoid getting hung up on the analysis and pick a couple of options and go with it.

If you have any recommendations for CISSP podcasts, let me know in the comments below.

Jonathan Holmes

Jonathan Holmes is a writer for HKS Siblab, an education and business blog. He has a MSc in Cyber Security & Digital Forensics from the University of Hertfordshire and has been working in the cyber security industry since 2010. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, playing guitar and spending time with his family.

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