How Much do Scrubs Cost?

How Much do Scrubs Cost

Medical professionals around the globe wear a certain garment that is made specifically for them, and it is known as scrubs. If you yourself are thinking about becoming a nurse, doctor, or other healthcare professionals, then you may be wondering how much these garments cost.

Typically, a set of scrubs will run from under $20 to right around $80. There are other sets of scrubs that may be made of higher quality fabric which can get to be up to $100, but generally, you will not be spending this much on scrubs.

If you are interested in learning more about these medical garments, then keep on reading. We will go over what scrubs are meant for, and what you can expect in terms of their pricing.

Spending on Scrubs

What Are Scrubs and What is Their Purpose?

Scrubs were created in order to serve as the garment of healthcare professionals so that they could limit the spread of germs and other things within a medical setting.

Most scrubs will come with very well-made fabrics that have their own antimicrobial aspects. This means that the fabric of the scrubs will prevent the spread of germs and other types of bacteria.

Most hospitals will take their employees’ scrubs and launder them with their own specially formulated mixture of chemicals to ensure that no disease or dirtiness is left on the fabric.

This is usually done right on the premises of the hospital or clinic itself, in order to be completely sure that the scrubs are cleaned effectively.

Because regular laundry detergent is not used when cleaning scrubs, dirt, bodily fluids, blood, and other substances that may have found their way onto the garb is totally and completely cleaned off in order to prevent the spread of such substances to subsequent patients.

Since special chemicals are used to clean these scrubs, they are made to be sturdy and durable. Regular clothes would get totally ruined if washed in the same chemicals as scrubs are washed in.

This is why most nurses will be found wearing these scrubs throughout their shifts, seeing as they come into contact with many different patients and need to stay as clean as possible in order not to spread sickness and germs.

Scrubs are a wonderful tool in the current healthcare environment. If nurses and other healthcare workers wore their everyday clothes, then either they would be ruined after being washed by the harsh chemicals or they would not get cleaned properly when being washed with regular detergent soaps.

This means that nurses and other professionals who use scrubs in the workplace are actively promoting the wellbeing of their patients while keeping them safe from any other substances or germs which could bring them harm if spread.

When scrubs are worn by all nurses within the premises of a hospital or clinic, the entire area will be a cleaner and more sterile place in general, as the spread of germs and bacteria will be inhibited by the scrub garment.

Moving on, you may have noticed that within a hospital there are many different colors of scrubs being worn. This is due to the hospital wanting to separate the departments of the hospital via color-coded garments for easy identification.

Having a color-coded system is not only great for identification by the staff of the hospital, but it helps to reassure patients and their families that they are surrounded by professionals who know what they are doing and are doing things the most efficient way possible.

A vast majority of nurses are only permitted to wear one solid color of scrubs, in order to keep the uniformity of the environment and also to look professional while working, though this can differ from hospital to hospital.

For those who enjoy scrubs with a bit of flair, perhaps festive designs like Christmas or Thanksgiving, you may want to look into working in pediatrics or with seniors, as the rules tend to be a bit more lenient in those fields.

Overall, scrubs were created with the express purpose of keeping patients as healthy as possible and inhibiting the spread of germs and bacteria, and they have been adapted to serve other purposes such as identification and professionality over time.

How Much Can I Expect a Set of Scrubs to Cost?

When shopping for a set of scrubs, you can expect the price to sit at around $20 to somewhere around $70 or $80 for a good, durable, and inexpensive set.

Scrubs are not always sold in a set, though, and it may be more common to find scrubs sold in tops and pants separately. 

For a scrub top, you can find some that are as cheap as only $5 at your local Walmart. With some that are a bit more expensive, you may end up paying around $18 if you purchase them from Target.

There are many other places where you can find scrubs sold and get better deals in between these two prices, but Target and Walmart may be the most accessible and easy to find scrubs.

More expensive scrub tops can get into the price ranges of $15 from Walmart, and all the way up to $41 if purchased from Target.

For the pants of the scrub, you can find the prices between $10 to $18 from Walmart, with Target selling their scrub bottoms are right around $27 to $36.

This is a good idea of what to expect when purchasing scrubs from various places. They are not that expensive on their own but keep in mind that you will most likely require a new set for every day of the week.

Take into account things such as this when looking at what to purchase. Following are a couple of tips for what type of scrub you should purchase and what you should look for when buying scrubs.

Tips for Buying Scrubs

When purchasing scrubs, it may be a good idea to get a set that has many pockets. It may be hard to believe, but some scrubs do not come with pockets at all. The more pockets the more use you can get out of your scrubs!

Needless to say, the more expensive a set of scrubs is chances are the quality of the scrubs is also quite a bit better. Always check the quality of your scrubs before purchasing, though, as you will want to get the best quality for the best price.

If you go for cheaper scrubs, you may find that it is made up of thinner fabric and will not be cut well to the fit of your body, while also possibly lacking pockets.

Saving Money When Buying Scrubs

A few things to keep in mind in order to save money when buying scrubs are that solid colors tend to be cheaper than scrubs that have designed.

You may also want to purchase used scrubs from uniform stores, making sure to check the quality and condition before you buy them.

And remember that you can write your scrubs off on your taxes if you are using them for work purposes!


So, in general, scrubs are not all that expensive on their own, but they can add up when purchasing many sets.

Taking into account the quality of the scrubs, the usefulness, and the overall price are all things that you need to do when looking to purchase a set of scrubs.

Hopefully, this article has helped to give you an idea of how much scrubs will cost you, while also giving you a good background on their use and how you can save a bit of money when purchasing scrubs.

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